Mutual domestications


The performance comes from a short creative residency.
Someone leads. Someone follows. Negotiation.
Sometimes the roles are confused.
“how -to be –odious” devices but also “what game we play today?”.
We operate the device of pleasure. Which? Whose?
Here it is one of the infinite possible mechanisms.




Maristella Tanzi is among the founders of the dance company QuaLiBò, which deals with production, programming and promotion of contemporary dance.
Dance / she danced for: QuaLiBò, Stop Palmizi, Crest Theatre, Tabea Martin. Since 2008 he started his own authorial path.
Selected for International Dance Raids of OperaEstate Festival Veneto / 2011. And ‘Prize winner GD’A Puglia in 2011 with the show Nth Bankruptcy Project. In 2014 is selected for Tests copyright XL, a project of creative residency at the School of Ballet of Tuscany and is Finalist Prize CollaborAction (coordinated action by MOSAIC DANCE Turin, with partners: Association YARDS / Network Antibodies – Regional network of Festivals, Exhibitions and Residences Creative, AMAT \ Association Marche Theatrical Activities, FOUNDATION PIEDMONT LIVE-Regional Circuit of Entertainment, Arteven \ Theatre Circuit Veneto Regional, ATERDANZA / Dealer promotion of Emilia Romagna, ARTEDANZAE20, CIRCUIT DANCE LOMBARDY \ Danzarte, THEATRE PUBLIC PUGLIESE, ARMUNIA Castiglioncello and the Association ELECTA CREATIVE ARTS of Teramo.)