Dancer, mover, performer: is a hosing down body dancing?

Meeting with Francesca Maria Berardi

Saturday 4th October   5pm
At Studio Danza  – Corso A. De Gasperi, 379/e – Bari



“If you know that your instrument is yourself, first of all, know your instrument, knowing that it is the same tool that dance, sing, invents words and creates feelings. But heal him like an athlete, like an acrobat, like a singer; take care of it with all your soul, and feed him with food sparingly, but without measure corroborate it of strength, agility, quickness, of singing, dancing, poetry and poetry and poetry. Poetry will become vigorous, perennial metamorphosis of the inexhaustible ego, breath of shapes, determined and imponderable, of all invested, able to recruit and dismiss passions, violence, disease, remaining enriched and purified… aimed to reveal what human is: angel of the word, acrobat of the spirit , dancer of the psyche, the messenger of God and nuncio to himself and to the universe of a better himself. “    Orazio Costa


A meeting on the figure of the dancer is
#a physical journey of the mind to understand the reasons of the body;
#a path of questions, ideas and suggestions to discover what we know, what has been done, what you are doing and what you could do in the dance world;
#an open box of impressions on fragments of contemporary dance;
#visions of the present that lead us to review what the body is and represents;
#a free structure of inspirations and possible ways for a body that becomes art;
#attempt to escape to an actual reality made ​​up of spaces, lines, shadows and movements;
# creative ability to capture the creative look of someone who believes that a hosing down body can be dance.


Francesca Maria Berardi was born in Senigallia (AN) on 04/11/1986.
In 2008 he graduated with honors in History of Theatre after following the Spanish company Yllana of gestural theater during a year of  study in Salamanca (Spain) with the thesis “To speak without words.” In 2010 she graduated with honors in History of Dancing with the thesis “Dancing the invisible – John Neumeier’s Othello” after following the Hamburg Ballet and choreographer John Neumeier in his production of Death in Venice at the theater La Fenice in Venice. In 2012 she graduated from the school of the Teatro Stabile delle Marche (Living Theatre, Alessandro Sciarroni, Company Rancia, Simona Lisi, Luciano Colavero, Nicoletta Robello, Massimo Navone, Francesco Manetti …), has been collaborating since 2009 with AMAT (Association Marche theatrical activities) leading classes and lectures about  Theater and Dance and theater workshops within schools and festivals in Italy and abroad (Hangartfest of Pesaro, Civitanova Danza, Oteatrao of Coimbra / Portugal) and writes for the online magazine MyWord.
She has participated to the workshop/show with Alessandro Sciarroni (electric youth) Simona Lisi (a body of love), Gary Brackett of the Living Theatre (not in my name), Luciano Colavero, Mauro Astolfi, Rebecca Murgi. Participates as an actress or director in various shows predominantly physical theater and experimental (the most recent: A train, a night and with participation straordianaria of Dacia Maraini, The Garden of Augustine with the Faculty of Letters and Philosophy of Urbino, Monoluoghi, Metamorphosis).