QuaLiBò is a dance company and cultural organization created in 2002 in Bari by Lisa Masellis, Francesca Giglio, Maristella Tanzi (dancers and coreographers) and Adolfo La Volpe (musician) promoting contemporary performing arts in Puglia, in Italy and abroad. In 2007 Carlo Quartararo (technical direction) joined the group.
Their works deal with artistic explorations, contamination among dance theatre, new dance, martial arts, movement and music improvisation.


Some of their best performances are: “La quinta corda” (2000), “Rebecca o degli alfabeti inventati” (2002), “Sotto il sole tutto scolora”, “Taratà Tanz” (amor, amoris),  “Cosa vedi?” (2003), “Sūr” in the final of Premio Scenario 2005 – Italy, “Dediche mute” (2006), “Primo Sale” (2007), “Partitura privata” (2008), (selected at Vetrina Anticorpi XL Network della giovane danza d’autore 2008), “(dueperdue)perdue” (creazione lista Anticorpi- eXpLo 2009), Cosa vedi? (rearrangement 2011).
Since 2006 QuaLiBò also organizes the Festival Visioni di (p)Arte in Bari, in order to let emerging artists show their works and give them the opportunity to share ideas with professional perfomers/coreographers coming from Italy and other European countries. QuaLiBò aims at involving and connecting artists and a wide audience in performing arts and interdisciplinary research projects.