Table concert


It is not a concert         it doesn’t relate with body movement         errors do not exist             it’s not a buffet       doesn’t use other procedures involving the use of space          it’s not a show    doesn’t explore the relationships between two things          it’s not in 3d         it’s not music             tables aren’t made by a well-known swedish furniture store        we won’t be necessarily there




Adolfo La Volpe
Works in very different musical fields (improvised music, rock, jazz, world music).
He held several concerts in Italy and abroad, collaborated with internationally renowned artists,
recorded –between personal project and collaborations- more than thirty cds for italian and
foreign labels, composed and performed music for contemporary dance, theatre, cinema.



Pablo Montagne
Guitarist, composer, performer, has been working for many years, pushed by an inexhaustible spirit
of research, on the practice of improvisation (de-composition, ri-composition), dealing from a very
personal perspective with the numerous issues related with solo and group performances.
His recordings attained big attention and received rave reviews from italian and european critics.