(dueperdue)per due
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A narrow space.
Something pocket-sized.
A clockwork object/toy build to function.
Two subjects/objects show themselves.
A ring, a shop window, a platform, a disco cube to put in
evidence this condition.
Two modern, little dolls. Cheap dolls, plastic femininity,
grotesque sensuality.
Gesture and movement are self-sucient, mechanized
by repetition. They remain on the surface.
The attention is concentrated on the outside.

“ I am the cloud. I am the lightning. I am the rainbow. I
am a delightful little girl “
(Dino Buzzati, “Un amore”)

- Light Plan

Concept and dance: Francesca Giglio, Maristella Tanzi
Music concept: Adolfo La Volpe, Carlo Quartararo
Lighting and set design: Carlo Quartararo
Production: QuaLiBò/Teatro Comunale di Ruvo di Puglia/Residenze Teatrali in Puglia