Paradise is not in the sky!


Concept by Horacio Macuacua and Edivaldo Ernesto
Dancer – Horacio Macuacua / Edivaldo Ernesto
Music: Adolfo La Volpe, Marialuisa Capurso, Morten Poulsen



“Paradise is not in the sky!” is a is a improvised performance arising from the mutual desire to  explore the possibilities of the present moment. Every body brings to life its own story. During this journey Horacio Macuacua and Edivaldo Ernesto they sharing stories that we already know, have forgotten or that ones that we will find out. Always the journey has already started before it begins. In fact every body is made of thousands of stories: behaviors, cultures, languages, gestures… Moving body is the mean of carrying the further investigation, to unsuspected limits. Where are we going? We do not know, in some ways we have already started to imagine.




Horacio Macuacua
Mozambican dancer and choreographer became the artistic director of the dance company, which bears his name in 2006. Having no aesthetic limitations the company develops projects, which are shows that are open to the creativity of all the collaborators, and always with the intention that everyone has the room to explore their own choreographic universe.
Since then he has carried out his own projects: M <> 3L = COMUM, Canais, Orobroy, Stop! (1st Prize and Puma Creative Prize at Danse l’Afrique DanseFestival 2010), Smile If You Can!, Fighting room and Paradise is not in the sky!
He is a founding member of Culturarte, the first contemporary dance company in Mozambique, directed by choreographer Panaibra Gabriel. He collaborated as dancer and creator with choreographers Cristina Moura, Thomas Hauert, Pablo Colbert, George Khumalo… and David Zambrano, considering him his maestro and mentor.
Horácio began his training in traditional dances in Mozambique and later he travelled Europe where he studied and worked with internationally renowned dancers and choreographers, such as Marcelo Evelin, Mark Tompkins, Luis Lecavalier, Boris Charmatz, Tomas Hauert, Cristina Moura…, David Zambrano.



Edivaldo Ernesto
Edivaldo Ernesto was born in Maputo (Mozambique). He begins to dance in 1997 with the Tsemba dance group,where he learns Mozambican traditional dance for 4 years. In 2001, he is invited to be a member of Ussoforal , a western African traditional dance group. In 2003,he starts dancing with another company Escultutras Humanas where he begins his contemporary dance. That same year, he is accepted for the 1st stage of a choreographic development project, a six months training program organized by CulturArte(Maputo-Mozambique) and Dances Na Cidades (Lisbon-Portugal).Through this program he attends several workshops with Boyzie Cekwana and Desire Davids (South Africa), David Zambrano and Mat Voorter (Venezuela-Holland). In 2005, he participates in the Dance Web (Europe) Scholarship for six weeks (intensive workshop) Vienna. He performed in “twelve flies went out at noon”,  “soul project” , ”SHOCK” and “land in love” directed by David Zambrano, He has been performing improvisation duets with David Zambrano and also as soloist. He has been working with Sasha Waltz since 2007 and he is since 2008 a permanent ensemble member of Sasha Waltz & Guests. Edivaldo dances in the production “Travelogue-Twenty to eight”, “Jagden und Formen”, “Continu” , “Metamorphoses” , “Passion” , “Gefaltet” and in
“Sacre” , and  he took part in various Dialogue-project by Sasha Waltz. In 2010 he participated as an assistant  of David Zambrano in the 50 Days program (Costa Rica) directed by David Zambrano. 2012 he began working with Judith Sánchez Ruíz  in spontaneous improvisation performances and they created a duet ( There is a name for it ) directed by Edivaldo Ernesto and Judith Sánchez Ruíz . he has been since 2008 collaborating with P.A.R.T.S dance school as assistant of David Zambrano and also in coaching the Passing Through technique.