by and with: Maria Teresa Tanzarella
voice: Joshua Korn
with the support of Raw Matters (Vienna), Tragantdansa (Barcelona), Tanzhotel (Vienna)
thanks to Abril Salip Ventura and Andrea Dinapoli

A solo with which to say: this is me now. When I start thinking about my biography I am in touch with my emotional body. It is the body as I feel (it is not objectively).
The most complete biography is made of irregular fragments and remains faded. Even his autobiography. We believe we can tell our lives in a clear and reasonable, talking about successes and achievements, and, when we start, we realize that our lives are instead full of dark areas, unexplained episodes (and perhaps unexplainable), choices are not made , lost opportunities, things delayed, rejected offers.
They are murderess, victims and mourners at the funeral at the same time. I had to kill this darker side of me, this something that confuses me and I can not dominate, to allow him to find a place and dignity.
What has been, has also done what was not; what was not, it can still be.



Maria Teresa Tanzarella
lives in Vienna and was born in 1992 in Bari where he had his first training in dance (classical, modern and contemporary) and theater, along with workshops in Italy and abroad. At that time he presented his first work (Fear of Flying – winner of the contest MOMART 2010 – Sfruttateci). In 2014 he diplomanta to SEAD Salzburg Experimental Academy of Dance.In contemporary continues his studies at the University of Trento, Bachelor of Science in Cultural Heritage (musical career and the show).
He recently worked with the choreographers Doris Uhlich, Michikazu Matsune, Corinne Eckenstein, Jaqueline Kornmüller, Corinna Spieth, Shumpei Nemoto, Jelka Milic.
Duranti his years at SEAD has worked with various choreographers going on stage to SEAD Theatre and other theaters of Salzburg, as the Republic Theatre, Theater im Kunstquartier, Residenz Galerie, in festivals like Sommerzene, New Faces New Dances, Symphonic Dance.
His works have been shown to Salzburg (Lust am Risiko festival), Vienna (TanzQuartier, Schikaneder, Raw Matters), Stockholm (Riksteatern, Life Long Burning, Cullbergballet) and Barcelona (Tragant).
Workshops with David Zambrano (in 2014 was selected for the month of intensive training of Flying Low and Passing Through for professional dancers Ponderosa), Les Slovaks Dance collective, Edivaldo Ernesto, Frey Faust and festivals such as Festival Internacional Deltebre Dansa and experiences are Impulstanz which it deems crucial for his artistic development.
His work was supported by the Foundation Roberto Cimetta and the Ministry of Heritage and cultural activities / JHA with loans and scholarships.
Currently he is trying to incorporate into his artistic practice jiujitsu, pilates (èinsegnate certified BASI) and chiropractic.