Primo sale

 If reality doesn’t respect the script of our dreams, the only thing left to do is  deceiving our selves in a collective masquerade…


The dancers, the light and the space are combined in order to create an iridescent world.

On the stage obscurity alternates with light, touchfullness with untouchfullness, movement with immobility. The dynamic accelerations of the piece make the dancers to face  their own physical limits.

In its nature, human condition , is incoherent, cannot be demonstrated, cannot be told, perhaps can be shown through fragments of truth, which, however, can’t  stay together).

The inspiration for this project comes from the works of two central figures of 1900th literary and artistic scenery: Philip K. Dick and Maurts Cornelis Escher.



Concept and direction: Lisa Masellis
Dance: Francesca Giglio, Giuseppe Lacerenza, Nico Masciullo, Maristella Tanzi, Marlene Vilhena.
Music: Adolfo La Volpe, Fred Frith
Light design: Carlo Quartararo
Production: QuaLiBò // CAPa – Centro de Artes Performativas do Algarve – Portogallo // Regione Puglia