Progetto espositivo Visioni a (p)arte 19_09 / 06_10 2012





BLUorG Gallery, partner of the 7th Edition of Visioni di (p)arte- International Festival of contemporary dance and performing arts,  promotes an exhibition that will amplify the dance events hosted 20 to 30 September 2012.

Visioni a (p)Arte  19_09 / 06_10 2012
Nico Angiuli _ Mariantonietta Bagliato _ Pink Cyan _ Raffaele Fiorella _ Sergio Racanati _ Angela Zurlo

A private and intimate vision, while it is amplified to become public and is coded, manifests universal and universally shared concepts: a Vision, as mental projection, Art object or image, which is aware of the synergistic confluence of means and mediums
We want to emphasize the confluence of languages, the migration of concepts, the semiotics  transformation and translation.
We also intend to highlight a Vision of “total” Art and that fine line between art and life, body-object and performative; a Vision tied to all the plurality of cognitive codes, which, if released from mass standards,  empower and create a new, or as yet possible, alternative vision.
Exhibition in the context of the Eighth Day of Contemporary Art, sponsored by AMACI  and planned for October 6, 2012.