Shake out the dust


by Richard Haughton

Masterclass with Konstandina  Efthimiadou  (Greece)


5th October 2013  at  3.30 – 6.30 pm
Teatro Kismet OperA – Strada San Giorgio martire, 22/f – Bari



We Begin shaking. A repetitive vibration on the vertical axis. ‘Shaking out the dust’ is way to  dissolve the unnecessary tensions, while relaxing the body and mind until we simply find a way to direct our attention to the present moment.
Through specific tasks of improvisation the participants are encouraged to rediscover, explore and reverse their own qualities. Which later on are then asked to apply these principles upon my own personal and choreographed movement phrases. It is essential to allow this task to transform the bodies movements and not allow the bodies natural habits to transform the task.
Special emphasis is given on floor work and how the body transforms itself in order to dive into, push away, receive, whilst moving through-out the flat and unchangeable supporting surface.
Music of the body, soft and sharp, fast and smooth, explosive, percussive, on time. These elements and qualities I wish to develop throughout the class.
Overall I focus on approaching the movement through the intelligence of the body and not only as an analytical thinking process.



Konstandina Efthimiadou followed rythmic gymnastics training for ten years before entering the State School of Dance in Athens. After graduating she also followed greek folk dance training. In Greece she worked with Horeftes, the Hellenic Dance Company, Haris Mantafounis dance Company and the National Opera of Greece.
In 2007 she moved to Brussels to join Utima Vez- Wim Vandekeybus for the creation of “Menske” and the continuation of “Spiegel” tour 2008.
In 2009 she joined Enclave Dance company under direction of Roberto Olivan for the creation and tour of “Mermaid’s call” and “Alba Eterna”.
In 2010 she joined Akram Khan Company for the creation and tour of “Vertical Road” and tour of “Confluence”.
In April 2012 she moved back to Greece for the creation and premiere of  “KIRERU” with RootlessRoot(Jozef Fruzek, Linda Kapetanea).
Recently Konstandina has decided to focus more on her own work,she has already created a solo piece “Henshin” which was presented and supported in August 2012 by Music Village Festival in Greece while in April 2013 she created a group piece “Looking forward to meeting” for the symphonic dance evening presentation for S.E.A.D. Academy in Salzburg.

Kostandina is currently freelancing throughout Europe, United Kingdom and Asia.
She has also lead workshops in Greece and abroad such as:
Flic Scuola di Circo-(Torino), Deltebre Dance Festival-(Spain), Tainan University of Fine Arts-(Taiwan), State School of Dance-(Athens), SEAD (Salzburg), Music Village(International music festival-Pelion-Greece)



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