Martial Arts – 12 animals Hsing-I. Stage with Maestro Franco Gervasio



3/4 October – 10.30am/1.30pm – Officina degli Esordi (Bari)


HSING-I system is a martial practice based on the concept of intentional movement. It is the oldest system of bare hand  percussion action in the history.
It is based, in fact, on the transposition of the use of the war spear in a unarmed body. Key actions are based on the physical expression of five directions of the energy/force. The mental component, however, is the predominant element. If the five actions are the foundation and the way to build the strength of the system, the study of the 12 animal exercises  highlights the spontaneous and natural strength of the action.
In the practice of the exercises of the animals we express the characteristic spirit and action of each animal in order to educate and train a flexible body and at the same time a powerful body. Typical of an animal-like action.
Hsing-i systems are schools that emphasize ten animals, another twelve, but the purpose is the same: to express a spirit animal spontaneous and determined.
In this school we highlight 12 animals, maybe in the beginning to connect the Chinese horoscope or an archaic and magic expression of the ancient tradition.
However, the correct practice of these exercises stimulate the natural flow of energy, creating in the practitioner an elastic and united body, emphasizing concentration and an essential balanced strength as an animal does.



M° Franco Gervasio
Refined connoisseur of martial arts has international reputation and is the founder of the School of the three harmonies.
He studied Kung Fu with Master Wing Lam. He specialized in the practice of internal styles of Xing I(intention’s form boxing)
“Ba Gwa” (palms of the eight changes) and T’ai chi Chuan (boxing of Supreme Harmony) with master Zhao Ming Hua descendant of the
sixth generation of Bagwa becoming a member dell’AGIK (association recognized by Chinese masters only).
In the same time he practice traditional and historical archery, dealing with western historycal martial arts as the ancient
fencing and founded the re-enactment group “Imperiales Friderici II.”
He has collaborated on several books on traditional Chinese kung fu (Edizioni mediterranee) and participates actively in the
implementation of some video regarding techniques application of various Kung Fu styles.
Organizes monthly seminars for the study of traditional Chinese and Western weapons and courses in archery.
He conceived the project “CAM – Comparison of martial skill” which provides regular appointments in which all martial artists can meet and try their skills through various exercises with bare hands or with the weapons.