Festival Visioni di (P)arte – Vth edition – 2010

 “Better light a candle than curse the darkness” Lao Tzu


We started this ambitious project five years ago to spring up dance and attention about dance in our region. During these years we have been looking for dancers, dance students, producers, distributors, audience;  we have been reflecting and talking about dance thought and research, about the critics’ work and about dance development in Italy, in Europe and even… in the world.

At a certain point we had been forced to slow down our ambitions: the current historical period is a very difficult time for culture because the (central) governments are cutting funds more and more everywhere.

After all you cannot put culture into a sandwich. It doesn’t feed you.

Just think of a time when you have no concerts, no shows, no exhibitions, no movies, no cultural events. Just imagine for a moment a big nothing and then… open your eyes.


What about today?

New generations of dance authors are growing and introducing themselves.We try to give them space and we would be very happy if you can join us.

We would like to extend our thanks to all our supporters, who help us realizing a (p)Art Vision Festival again.

- Programme