T. B :going through, beyond, farther

Tb is a crossing space’s process of a place where a memory of something faded or maybe never existed can live again in a space time.

This process brings multiple languages, makes the space as a research container creating  intangible and travelling materia.

The last step of the process will be a collective video art piece where dance, sound, site specific performance, voice, landscape, architecture and visual art will cross each other in a dialogue of trasparency and weight, light and materia, reality and dream, memory and fading devices.


Opera collettiva di e con

Marialuisa Capurso (voce, suono, corpo)

Alisia Cruciani (immagine, video)

Lisa Masellis (danza)

Adolfo La Volpe (suono)

Maristella Tanzi (danza)

Francesca Giglio (danza)

Palma Pia Totaro (social media manager)


Immagine di progetto di Marialuisa Capurso














Semplice danza in levare di e con Maristella Tanzi

prossime date ->



Tutina e il cervo di e con Francesca Giglio e Maristella Tanzi

prossime date ->   25 Luglio 2021 – Putignano