Through / beyond

Crossing, going beyond, farther

Our voices carried us there.


Through / beyond is the crossing of a space where “what is dissolved or has never existed relives in a time that is not its own”.

It is a hunt, a relationship of connection and isolation at the same time.

A fall within the visions that, generated by the place, emerge vague from the individual memory.

Like in a dream.

By grafting onto an already existing artistic choice, our crossing brings with it other languages ​​and makes that place a research territory for the creation of an intangible and traveling product.


The final result will be a video work in which dance, site specific performance, voice, music, landscape, architecture and visual art, weave together in a single movement, will evoke weight and transparency, light and matter, real space and dreamed space, memory and devices of disappearance.



Through / beyond
Collective work by and with


Marialuisa Capurso (voice, sound, body)

Alisia Cruciani (image, video)

Lisa Masellis (dance)

Adolfo La Volpe (sound)

Maristella Tanzi (dance)

Francesca Giglio (dance)

Palma Pia Totaro (social media manager)


Project image by Marialuisa Capurso













Semplice danza in levare   by Maristella Tanzi


Tutina e il cervo     by Francesca Giglio e Maristella Tanzi